Are you taking advantage of the latest Streaming Video Apps, Social Media Video Ads and the Video Sharing Sites that can put you in front of thousands of your potential clients?

Now you can turn YOUR Book Expertise, Webinars, Seminars, Coaching & Training Sessions into your own WebTV Show and have Google, YouTube, Facebook… Turn Your SHOW Into CA$H for you!

It doesn’t make any difference which app you use,
if people don’t know how much you can really help them!

The Camera is Just a Tool!
YouTube, G+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…
Are Just Video Sharing Sites!
Technology changes every day… 

You Are The One People Come To Watch!
It’s how You Show Up On Camera, how You Connect With Your Audience, What You Say, and How You Say It, that makes all the difference!  

In 2 Days you can become a dynamic communicator on camera, 

Conduct Interviews To Grow Your Own Business
Get Paid To Do Special Reports For Other Business Owners!

“2 Days at ‘Turn Your Interviews Into CASH’ will save you years of trial and error!”

In just 2 days we’ll teach you how to:

  • Share your knowledge like the Guest Experts on TV
  • Voice your opinion like a TV Commentator
  • Ask questions like a TV Reporter
  • Tell a story like a TV Journalist

You Can Start Where You Are TODAY! 
Because you get to decide how much time to invest!

You’ll know what to do with 1 hour a week as a Reporter or 2+ days a week as a Show Host or anything in between… as you grow your viewership!  

What’s The Best Role For YOU

Are you the Reporter, Journalist,
Guest Expert or Show Host?

Where will you shine? You get to decide!

It depends on THREE things:
1. Your Natural Style
2. Your Knowledge
3. Your Time  

We will train you and connect you with other experts to
Interview and BE Interviewed!

Are you an outgoing, inquisitive person
with a lot of questions?

We have a REPORTERs Press Pass with your name on it!

Conduct Interviews

  • Seminars
  • Trade Shows
  • VIP Parties
  • Awards Shows
  • Red Carpet Events

Are you an expert in your field
with a burning desire to help people?

The GUEST EXPERT‘s chair is waiting for you!

 Become the Guest Expert show hosts love to invite back again and again…

  • News Shows
  • Talk shows
  • Webinars
  • Seminars

Do you have a way with words
and like sharing your thoughts?

The JOURNALIST’s hat may be a perfect fit for you! 

Do Special Reports, Reviews and Endorsements on:

  • Books
  • TV Shows
  • Products
  • Services
  • Special Events

Are you an expert in your field
with a burning desire to help people?

You maybe the SHOW HOST that we are looking for!

  • Conduct In-depth interviews
  • Have you own Talk Show
  • Special Interest Stories
  • Do TV Specials
  • or all of them…

You Will Learn By Doing…

This is NOT a seminar where you sit hour after hour just taking notes…

You’ll be Working and Learning with other experts in
Production Teams of ONLY 2, 4 and 6

EVERYONE gets Camera Time and Individual Attention!

EVERYONE gets to experience what it’s like to
be a Reporter, Journalist, Guest Expert and Show Host.

That’s why ONLY 40 attendees will be accepted!

Whether you want to Get More Comfortable On Camera or want to know
how to Make More Money Conducting Interviews you will have the support you need.
When you leave, YOU Will Be Camera Ready, Confident and Convincing!

See How Much Fun Learning Can Be!  

For this 2 Day Intensive we’ve brought together Experiential Exercises and Training Techniques from “Access To Experts”, “TV Interview Mastery”, “Videonar Mastery” and “Turn Your Show Into CASH”.

These are Proven Media Training and Video Production Techniques that we’ve used for over 10 Years to train many experts across the globe…

— Michelle Patterson
CEO, Women Network and the California Women’s Conference

“For the first time I’ve been able to have personalized training with a small intimate group. There are so many areas that I tweaked and improved on, to be able to really showcase what we’re doing. And what we’re doing is a global movement. We have over 200 speakers, so Ann, what you were able to do is for me to be able to take this messaging back to all of these speakers globally, so they in turn can get their message out. So thank you for the great, great work that you’re doing and helping so many. I love running with you my friend you are a pure joy to work with so keep up the amazing work.”

— Adam Urbanski
The Millionaire Marketing Mentor

“…I was a little skeptical at first as you can tell I have an accent and I’m not most comfortable in front of the camera. Ann has made it an amazingly easy process. She has assembled a team of experts who will help you script your interview and make you look at ease and comfortable in front of the camera. Make you look great and sound exactly the way you want to sound to communicate with the type of clients you want to work with. You owe it to yourself to invest time energy and yes, money to find out exactly what “Access To Experts” and Ann DeVere can do for you and your business.”

— Rhonda Sher
The 2 Minute Networker

“I have to say that as a keynote speaker and a trainer and having been to hundreds of trainings, I have never been to one as powerful as this one. Not only did I learn many techniques that I need to know for interviewing and for speaking, I was able to learn so many things about; how to speak, voice tonality, makeup, how to dress… If you want people know you as an expert this is the ONLY program that I would recommend or I would endorse that you should invest in.”

— Alex Mandossian
CEO, Heritage House Media

“…There are two types of entrepreneurs in the world: the Do-The-Best-I-Can Entrepreneur and then there’s the Whatever-It-Takes Entrepreneur. I do whatever it takes to be with my family and “Access To Experts” allows me to do that. It makes it possible for my message to go out to the rest of the world.

If you are an author, consultant, coach, if you’re an independent professional or small business owner and you have a message that you want to get out to the world, this is the place to come…” 

— Shera Thompson 
Make Room For Jesus

“… I am getting my MFA in Film Directing right now. I also went to Undergrad to get my BFA in Radio, Television and Film Production. My professors have worked on cable shows, feature length films, if I named them you would know about them… Some major actors, some major directors, you would know them. But I learned things here that I hadn’t learned in school…  
You’ll want to come here, because there may be some things that you think you know, you may have taken all these classes, invested money… My parents invested thousands of dollars! School cost money! It cost a lot of money! But coming here I learned more…”

— Mike Stromsoe
The Unstoppable Profit Producer

“… I am the author of 5 books. I‘m a speaker… I’m a mentor… and I’ve been to lots and lots of training events, but this one, I just don’t have the words to describe it!  It’s outside the box in a big, big way!
If you’re looking to get into the world of videos, into the world of TV, into getting your video and your face out there so it’s well known, this is the way!”

We know TV production from being on BOTH sides of the camera and that makes all the difference for you!

Whether You Want to be Interviewed on TV or Conduct Interviews for Your Own TV Show as a Reporter, Journalist or Show Host

  • This is where you’ll receive the Training and the Tools you’ll need, so that when you’re On The AIR, your content is exciting and YOU Are Magnetic!

We’ll Mentor You as You Break Through Every Barrier, Overcome Every Fear and Become Dynamic on Camera!

  • This is where you’ll learn to Boldly step into your Celebrity Mindset and harness the awesome power of WebTV and play bigger than you’ve ever imagined!
  • This is where you’ll learn to conduct interviews on WebTV from your own $300 Home Studio (includes camera, lights and backdrop) and Turn it Into CA$H
  • This is where you’ll learn how to conduct TV interviews like a pro using a proven system you can repeat over and over again for LIFE.

We’ve trained and interviewed hundreds of experts who are appearing on Network Television as Guest Experts, Hosting their own TV Shows and creating videos for their websites, blogs, social media presence… 

Kereakos Zuras,
Bestselling author of “How To Succeed When Everybody Is Failing”

“…If you’re afraid of being on camera or if you’re thinking that you can’t do this, I have to tell you, I watched Ann take a group of 12 people that had absolutely zero experience on camera, some were afraid, some were shutdown,  and she turned them into experts on camera and she did it in 2 days!

It’s an unbelievable program. It’s a must, if you want to separate yourself from your competition…


Grab your camera and join us 
ONLY 40 Will Attend!

What Happens During The 2 Day Intensive?

You will learn how to Plan, Produce and Monetize Interviews
using the TRI-FACTOR system


1-Get Ready
You’ll know your stuff and look the part  

2-Get On The Set
You’ll use your camera as your Training,
Marketing and Sales Tool

3-Get Paid
You’ll have a Monetization Plan in place

Leave any one of the 3 Factors out and you’ll be wasting your time & money, even damaging your credibility!

Watch this short video to find out the 3 crucial factors for Turning Your Interviews Into Cash.

Here Are The Main Topics We’ll Cover!

Make The Camera LOVE YOU!

Are You Mesmerizing Your Audience or Repelling Them?

Find out how to Make The Camera LOVE YOU!
so you captivate your audience and enter into THEIR hearts

  • How To Burst Out Of Your Box Take on your absolute best to come across like a STAR!
  • The ONE thing you MUST know that will take away all the nerves so you are comfortable, confident and alive when you get on camera
  • Overcome Fear Of The Camera and any obstacles that are keeping you from leveraging the power of TV Interviews

Your Body Language and Facial Expressions

  • Find out What YOU ‘re REALLY Saying To Your Audience
  • Learn to communicate without words and come across
    as the confident and competent expert that you are!

Dress For Success

  • How to dress for YOUR Ideal Audience?
  • Which colors and styles work best on TV?
  • Which styles, colors & fabrics you should avoid like the plague? 

 Makeup for TV…

  • How much makeup does it really take to have that Hollywood Glamour Look

Learn to Speak in Sound Bites

You have 3 to 5 seconds to grab your viewers attention
and have them wanting more…

Know how to Strategically Choose Your Words For Each Topic!

Which words are you choosing Now? 
Are you using Powerful, Emotion Provoking words or Robotic, Disconnecting words? 

Shirley Dalton of Dalton Business Systems


Conduct Your Interviews on a Talk Show Set and on The Red Carpet! 

Working With Your Production Teams You’ll Rehearse and Shoot 4 VIDEOS
You’ll learn what it takes to shine in each role, so you can use it to also bring the best out of the people you interview.

You’ll go home with 4 VIDEOS of you in the roles of the:


Learn to Frame & Shoot Your Videos the way the pros do! 

Composition is KEY to an Engaging Video  
You’ll learn simple & easy to remember techniques that will set you apart from everyone else in your industry who just points and shoots their videos, like the Rule Of Thirds, the Closeup, the Two Shot

Turning Your Interviews Into CASH!

It’s one thing to say you
want to make $100,000…
it’s another to have a plan!!!

 When you leave you’ll Know Your Numbers 
you’ll have an Implementation Action Plan!!!

“Everything you need,  from concept to producing to monetizing your show is covered here in one place”
– – Ken Krell

“For the first time, I know how I’m going to Monetize my show”
– – Barbara Wainwright

“It’s an amazing system that Ann DeVere has put together. There is nothing else like it!”
– – Russell Cohn

“You can do this so simply and easily and
it’s not going to cost you a lot of money”

– – Nobby Kleinman

“There is so much that you need to know.
Ann broke it down into bite size pieces…”

– – MarBeth Dunn

“People resonate with the “WHY” more so than what it is you are promoting to them…”
– – Anker bell, Jr.


Grab your camera and join us 
ONLY 40 Will Attend!

What Do You Want?

If you want to be Known…
If you want people lining up
to have YOU speak at their Events…
If you want a runaway Bestselling Book…
OR If you just want More Clients…

THEN…you must Tap Into The Power of Interviews!

Watch this short video to find out why and how?

How Much MORE MONEY Would You Make Right Now

If you could speak to THOUSANDS or MILLIONS of people at the same time?

If you knew the exact words to grab people’s attention and move them into action?

Did you know that you are already a member of the PRESS?

If you are interacting on Social Media, sharing your thoughts, your photos and videos. you are a Citizen Reporter and / or a Citizen Journalist. I’ll explain…
But first, what if you could:

  • Get paid to ask questions
  • Get paid to express your opinions
  • Get paid to share your knowledge 

We’ll train you as a Freelance Reporter or Journalist and then send you on paid assignments complete with Press Passes!

Watch this short video to find out why and how?

  We are here For YOU as you navigate
through the maze of WebTV…  



Grab your camera and join us 
ONLY 40 Will Attend!

Imagine what your life would be like if you
had a team of 100 or 1,000 working for you
while you enjoy your life…

Sometimes we just need a break and a little help...

Your Satisfaction
Is My Personal Guarantee!

Attend BOTH days and if you’re not convinced that it’s worth every penny you’ve invested, just let us know at the end of the program and I’ll refund your money.

Of course you won’t realize how packed with value this one of kind online intensive is until you experience it. We know how much amazing content we’re delivering but we don’t want you to hesitate for any reason. 

We’re inviting you to come and play FULL OUT with us

  • Produce your videos as Reporter, Journalist, Guest Expert and Show Host
  • Launch YOUR own Web TV Show right from the event
  • Submit your audition video and get on our Guest Expert list
  • Become a Lifetime member of the Global Visibility Association
    and interact with our Global Network of Show Hosts

And if in the following 90 days you haven’t at the very least, doubled your investment because of what you’ve learned in this unique training and you can show me proof that you used every step, you’ll get your entire investment back. And whatever you decide, keep all the free bonuses with my compliments. That way, You don’t risk a penny.

How do I make this unparalleled guarantee?
Simple, we have a proven foolproof system!

 Ann DeVere
Executive Producer

“Come and do this seminar…
It will change your life”
– – Dezi Koster

“Now I’m totally confident that my next year will be the most fantastic ever!”
– – Norma Hollis

“This is new and cutting edge”
– – Lisa Monette

“This is a whole system from start to finish”
– – Dorine Kramer

“I’ve needed to go from live classes to doing online videos. Now I’m ready!”
– – Christy Johnson

“The world is waiting for your information… Are you ready for the world?”
– – Gloria Taylor Brown


Are You a Member of an Organization? 

How would you like to be the designated
in house Reporter for GVN TV?

You’ll Interview Fellow Members and Cover Other Special Events In Your Community! If you’re interested, be sure to let us know when you register.


Still thinking about it? Consider this…

You can read about DRIVING A CAR, but you’ll never learn without hands-on practice!

You can read about Conducting POWERFUL INTERVIEWS,
but you’ll never learn without hands-on practice! 

So Grab Your Camera and Join Us!!!

To be sure you are one of the 40 Participants! 

Register Early!

You’ll go home with a COMPLETE PLAN to produce your REPORTER – JOURNALIST – GUEST EXPERT – SHOW HOST Interviews and  Turn Them Into Cash!

Here is what else you will get:

  • 2 Days of Experiential Media Training and Video Production 
  • You’ll go home with 4 VIDEOS of YOU in the role of the REPORTER – JOURNALIST – GUEST EXPERT – SHOW HOST,  so you can watch and improve your on camera presence!
  • You’ll be Interviewed on The Red Carpet
  • Learn to Script and Speak in Soundbites
  • Learn to control and Make the Camera LOVE YOU
  • You’ll know your numbers and have a Monetization Action Plan
  • Launch YOUR own Web TV Show right from the event
  • Submit your audition video and get on our Guest Expert list
  • Become a Lifetime Member of the Global Visibility Network and work with our Global Network of Experts 
  • Much, Much, More…

“Turn Your Show Into Cash” LIVE
Online Interactive Training
Online Academy With 24/7 Training Access
(value $1997)

“Turn Your Interviews Into Cash” – 2 Day Intensive
In Person Media Training and Production
Good for any event in USA, UK, Australia (value $1,997)

Special Event Combo – Save 55%
Regular Price – $4,991

4 Pay Option
Only $547 every 30 days

Make payments with PayPal - it is fast, free and secure!


Special Event Combo – Save 50%
Regular Price – $3,994

Only $1,997

Make payments with PayPal - it is fast, free and secure!

Every Minute of this event is Loaded WITH VALUE!!! 

In fact, we’d like to be completely honest with you. There is not another event about the nuts and bolts of video creation that is so carefully structured to get you the fastest results possible while at the same time teaching you a REPEATABLE, systemized skill guaranteed to make you money. We look forward to seeing you there!

So, How Much Is Moving to the Next Level
In Your Business Worth To YOU?

“What would it be worth to you to double or even triple your profits immediately because you command higher fees as a leading expert in your industry?

What would it be worth to position yourself in a niche that brought in enough money to live comfortably for the rest of your life? Would you pay $10,000? $5,000? Or only $2,500?”

There are programs that cover certain aspects of what it takes to produce your own Web TV Show,  but none of them even come close to covering all that is included in this experiential Intensive, plus they are very expensive (in the $5,000+ range).

This training will pay for itself over and over again with the income your business could generate from Co-Op Marketing dollars alone, not to mention the additional revenue generated from the top level clients you’ll be attracting day in and day out from your growing viewers.

So, what’s the catch?
Why do I offer this incredible opportunity for less than what others charge for just one of the modules we teach in this program? Well, for one simple reason.
We want YOU on our WebTV Network!!!

 Don’t take a chance… Register Early!
Grab Your Camera and Join Us 


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